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Asian Spice Store

Asian Spice Store is the trading name of Asian Spice Food Ltd. Asian Spice Food Ltd is specialized in selling asian groceries. We are based in Ilford, London, with a big store is in Barkingside High Street, London, IG6 2AF.

Due to the huge demand from our customers and clients, we are now extending the shopping experience to Asian Spice Store.com, an online shop, where you can find over 15,000 products from hundreds of brands. Our aim is to become the largest ethnic online food and grocery store in Europe and are offering delivery services to countries outside UK. We stocks products from different parts of the world and offer our customers great range of products available locally in their own countries, from fresh fruits to vegetables, rice and dals, spices and seasonings, nuts and snacks, readymade foods to ready to eat meals.

All the products are carefully chosen with fresh fruits and vegetables handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices. You do not have to shop around for meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, vegetables, cereals, grains like rice, wheat, flour, pulses, confectioneries, snacks, and house hold items as Asian Spice Store.com is offering everything under one roof.

We have specialized sections for Asian, South Indian, North Indian, Srilankan, Oriental, Afro-Caribbean, Pakistani products. The stock is covering a great range of products from all these regions and you will find them at a reasonable price as well. Our product ranges covers not just groceries, but household items and utensils like handmade spoons-thava, kindi, chappathi roller, bronze lantern (vilakku), local incense sticks, camphor, dhoop sticks etc. At Asian Spice Store, you will find fishes from Indian Ocean like kingfish. Our shop got a good stock of Squid, Prawns, Cuttlefish, Anchovies, Oil Sardines, Barracuda and Red Snapper. Currently we are not doing delivery of refrigerated products, but soon we will extend our service to refrigerated products as well, watch this space.

With more than 20 years of ethnic food importing and retailing, Asian Spice Store is now selling its own branded products; raw rice, parboiled rice, spices and condiments etc. All our products are handpicked and are passing through strict quality controls to ensure the best quality of products. We have a good number of customers, especially the restaurant and hospitality customers who are regular buyers of Asian Spice Store products and their valuable feedback is another quality measure we gauge.

Asian Spice Store offers different delivery options. For customer orders above £40.00, delivery is free*. For orders less than £40.00 delivery charge is £5.99*. 

Asian Spice Store Guarantee – Affordable prices, Great choice of products, Guaranteed for quality, Secure shopping & Faster Delivery!!!